200,000 years spent playing Angry Birds

Angry Birds
Angry Birds

Bird sympatists and pig haters alike have contributed to the success of Angry Birds, which has been downloaded 500 million times. Figures released by Rovio show that over 265 billion levels have been played and over 44 billion stars have been collected in the process. 400 billion birds have joined the fight against the pigs and put their lives on the line, launching themselves at bricks, explosives and wooden planks.

The hit game began life as a free release supported by ads and has grown to become the best-selling game on mobile markets. In addition, expansions and themed games have been released under the Angry Birds umbrella. The series shows no sign of stopping. Rovio Mobile brought Angry Birds to live events with a live game at the Singapore Grand Prix. This was an introductory step for the format, which could be used at events of all sizes and with any audience. The game has also been the inspiration behind an unofficial theme park in China.

Who knows what’s next for our feathered friends. The pigs must feel aggrieved at this wave of propaganda against them though.

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