Monthly Archives: March 2013

GDC Preview: Fract me? No Fract You!

I got a chance to checkout the newest build of FRACT this week at GDC.  The game is incredible stunning and gorgeous – just watch the video above.  Fract is a music puzzle game that..

‘Hermit Crab In Space’!

I wrote recently on New York indie devs, Golden Ruby Games, and their new space-themed runner game, Worm Run. Since then. the Golden Ruby team has been pretty busy, developing a new game, Hermit Crab..

GDC: Dungeon Dashers

Dungeon Dashers is a slick and instantly enjoyable dungeon crawler. It features 4 different characters (Assassin, Knight, Ranger, Wizard) all with their own abilities which can be used for some interesting puzzle solving for each..