Monthly Archives: June 2013

Indie Links Round-Up: Block Party

Indie Links has several pleasant surprises today, including 7 Grand Steps and Energy Hook. The Joystiq Indie Pitch: Papers, Please (Joystiq) “The game is called Papers, Please and it follows the daily grind of an..

Dev Links: Underbelly

Indie Fund, game jams and other topics to choose from in today’s Developer Links. Indie Fund: Striving for irrelevance (Games Industry) “Nathan Vella, Matthew Wegner, and Aaron Isaksen on balancing fiscal responsibility and creative risk..

Indie Links Round-Up: Crossroads

Ska Studios on PC, more love for Gunpoint, and other major news items on today’s Indie Links. Vampire Smile coming to PC officially from Microsoft and Ska Studios (Joystiq) “Ska Studios’ XBLA bloodbath The Dishwasher:..

‘Super Splatters’ Review – Goo Gone Wild!

Super Splatters, the “super upgraded version” of SpikySnail Games’s original XBLA release Splatters, is a mad concoction of a game that feels like the escaped results of a gene-splicing experiment gone wrong – or, perhaps,..