Monthly Archives: August 2013

Tom Plays – ‘Capsized’ Episode 4 Level 6

  A particular potbellied alien species gives Tom some trouble in the fourth episode of Tom Plays Capsized. Capsized is available now for $9.99 on Steam and Xbox Live. Be sure to subscribe to..

Dev Links: Sum of its Parts

Today’s Developer Links include articles on documentation, external content inclusion, and the bogeyman of the indie community. The Bogeymen of the Indie Scene (Jonas Kyratzes) “Human beings have always been susceptible to bogeymen. It’s a lot easier..

Developer Chat – Lorena Casanova on ‘AdventurOS’

  Recently, the developers behind Super Tower Rush, Antipodes, and Pixelry have joined together to make AdventurOS, an action platformer which generates level design based on the contents of your computer. Earlier in the month,..

Dev Links: Writer’s Block

Today’s Developer Links include articles on polishing what you have, mixing music, and sensationalist headlines regarding RAM. Video: three indies exploring creativity in game design ( “Courtesy of GDC Vault, this free GDC 2013 video shows..