Monthly Archives: January 2014

StreamTeam Spotlight: HJTenchi

Welcome back to the StreamTeam Spotlight, a weekly series where we feature one of our Indie GamePlay streamers. Every week, we’ll profile and interview a different member of the team to give our audience a..

State of the Mag 2014

In the spirit of President Obama’s State of the Union address, I decided to step up on the podium and talk about the state of affairs of The Indie Game Magazine. If you would please..

Indie Creators Team up on the Wii U

To the delight of Wii U owners who love indie games, five independent developers are banding together to promote each others’ work on the Wii U eShop. Buying one of the following titles on the..

Global Game Jam 2014 Brings Thousands of New Games

Global Game Jam 2014 closed its doors yesterday with over 4000 games made in 48 hours. More than 23,000 participants across 72 countries lost countless hours of sleep as they imagined, invented, and built new..