’3D Lander’ Takes Lunar Lander “To The Next Level”, Seeks Funding

3D Lander
3D Lander

Wiggling that puny lander on such jagged surfaces was satisfying and frustrating in Lunar Lander and Nephilim Games are bringing back that old school framework but taking it “to the next level” in their reimagining, 3D Lander. Yes that is a working title.

As with the 1979 classic, 3D Lander challenges players with landing a space ship onto a surface by using reverse thrusters to slow the ship to landing speed for safe contact. The problem is that these reverse thrusters are limited in their fuel capacity, as you would expect, so finding a balance between slowing down and not running out of fuel is the game’s mainstay.

The updates of some 33 years come in the form of 3D graphics, color and more power ups (and plenty of other things). The new power ups are particularly interesting as they add a bunch of new challenges. Some help with a speed boost or a shield, while others offer more fuel to ease the burden. The goal of each level is not only to land the space ship but to also get the highest score possible, some power ups directly contribute to that too.

At the moment, Nephilim Games are looking for funding for 3D Lander on Kickstarter. The money will help towards finishing the game off in the next couple of months and releasing it on to iOS platforms. If the requested funding amount is surpassed then Nephilim will also bring 3D Lander to Android.

You can help support 3D Lander by donating over at the Kickstarter page, more information can be retrieved there and on the game’s official website.

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