A First Look At ‘Empathy’ The Apocalypse Has Never Looked So Good


I was doing my rounds today, looking for new awesome indie titles. To be struck with some of the most compelling artwork I have seen in a while. The artwork came from Empathy a new post-apocalyptic adventure game by Cronnix. Beautifully crafted scenes really pulling me to this game, the apocalypse has never looked so good.

The world is dying, former cities are now left in ruin, crumbling in this desolate wasteland. The world has no life left after it has been consumed by the Void. In this bleak wasteland the spirit of the world is set free, in the hope to rebirth this long empty dystopia.

In order to rebirth this long forgotten world the spirit needs that of life. It is the Emotions, empathy and thoughts that make up life. With no life remaining in the world the spirit reaches out to the past, to snatch away one life. That of a child.
Empathy concept-station

A child sought to flee from the world he had known, after living an oppressed life, alone. The spirit only obliged his desire.

Together you will travel the road between existences, exploring this dying world. With only the spirit to keep you company, you are tasked to rebuild this dead world together.

Empathy focuses greatly on the overall storytelling element of an adventure game. Taking you through the last moments of a dying world and the discovery of the many wonders yet to be found.
Empathy child_final

The story really does sound very compelling and does interest me greatly. It is true that post-apocalyptic games are currently all the rage, but Empathy seems to take a very interesting and spiritual look at the genre.

With the fantastic art style used I am sure Empathy will look and feel fantastic, along with being a very compelling and emotional journey for the player.

Empathy is still in the early stages of the development cycle but I thought it was worthwhile mentioning as the art and story are both so compelling. Follow more from Cronnix on their official site here or on IndieDB here.

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