A MAZE. Indie Connect Lineup Confirmed, Last Call For Submissions

A.MAZE Indie Connect Award
A.MAZE Indie Connect Award

A MAZE. have revealed the lineup of guests and events that will take place at Indie Connect 2012 and they’re also calling out for the last submissions to be entered for a chance to be named The Most Amazing Game at the festival.

Indie Connect 2012 is set to be taking place in Berlin across April 26th-27th, during which there will be a number of workshops and international guests giving talks about all corners of indie game development. It should be a fun and very educational venture for any developer; to meet other developers, share ideas and experiences and talk to us too as we’ll be there!

There will also be an award ceremony with a judging panel to determine the festival’s Most Amazing Game. To enter the awards you have until March 30th to submit your game on this page and if your game gets nominated as a finalist then it will also be exhibited at the festival. If your game wins then it will be named The Most Amazing Game and you will be rewarded €5000!

Make sure you get your submissions in while you can. In the meantime, here is the lineup of international guests and games that will be at the festival:

Key Note Jonatan Söderström – Cactusquid

Talks, panels, workshops
Peter Kirn – createdigitalmusic.com
Margarete Jahrmann – ludic-society.net
Jay Cousins – Mind Flip
Martin Nerukar – Shark Bomb
Andreas Heldt – Little Indie
Norbert Haacks – New Tracks
Daniel Bock – New Tracks
Hendrik Lesser – Remote Control Productions
Thomas Bedenk – Brightside Games
Lucas Zanotto – lucaszanotto.com
Mario von Rickenbach – Mariov.ch

Jonatan Söderström – Cactusquid
Fucking Werewolf ASSO – fwamusic
Aram Bartholl – 016
Fourcelabs – fourcelabs.com
Vlambeer – Yeti Hunter, Radical Fishing
Zürcher Hochschule der Künste – zHdK
Hochschule für Gestaltung in Karlsruhe – Gamelab
Gamestorm – Grind 2.0 Black light

and all nominees for the A MAZE. Indie Games Award.

Jury for A MAZE. Indie Games Award “The Most Amazing Game”
Zuraida Buter – zo-ii / Global Game Jam
Chris Adkins – IGM
Thierry Platon – Bip Media
Marek Plichta – Spaces Of Play

Henry Homesweet Live
Jackson and his Computerband DJ
Je deviens dj en 3 jours Live
Debmaster Live

You can find out more information on the A MAZE. Indie Connect festival on the official website.

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