‘A Valley Without Wind’ Blows Into The Final Beta Phase

A Valley Without Wind
A Valley Without Wind

Arcen Games are proud to announce that their sidescrolling action title of “limitless proportions”, A Valley Without Wind, has entered into the final beta phase and is readying for release.

Many have been following and playing A Valley Without Wind for several months now, so the news of its near-release status is bound to reignite any old flames. The update this final beta stage brings is a significant one, but perhaps not as altering as the previous additions of player ducking, changes to the warping mechanics and, most importantly, co-op play for everyone.

Phase 3, as it’s being called, is simply the game as it will be released apart from some bugs that need ironing out. The release of the game is hardly the end of the development though of course, Arcen are keen to still be adding and tweaking the game years from now.

“Our plan is to take the AI War route, and release tons of free DLC as well to do at least a couple of paid expansions,” Chris Park, head designer of Arcen Games said. “Hopefully in 2-3 years, we’re still developing both AI War and AVWW — that is the ideal scenario for me personally.”

You can find out more information on A Valley Without Wind over on the official website. It is there that you will also be able to purchase the game at 50% off the release price at the moment, which will grant you immediate access to the latest playable version.

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