‘A Valley Without Wind’ To Launch Week Of April 16th, Steam Release Likely

A Valley Without Wind
A Valley Without Wind

Despite aiming for a March release for A Valley Without Wind, Arcen Games now say that the sidescrolling action-adventure will be coming in April in a specific week and on a well known digital distributor.

If you’ve been tracking or perhaps even playing A Valley Without Wind for any length of time they you’ll be glad to hear that the game’s release is finally got a definite window, though it’s not in March as expected. In the latest update from Arcen Games, they say that they have been given confirmation that AVWW will be coming to a “large digital distributor that we all know and love”.

They also say that this distributor has supplied their previous games, AI War: Fleet Command and Tidalis, so that gives us a couple of options as to who this could be, the most likely being Steam of course. With this confirmation, Arcen can now say that AVWW will be available in its 1.0 version in the week of April 16th, though they can’t give the exact date as to when this may be.

This extra time gives Arcen means to sort a few things out which were originally planned for completion after the big release, but are now pre-release goals. They say they’ll be able to take a much more solid version to PAX East now too!

Presuming this is Steam, there’s no word on whether those who have bought game before the 1.0 release will be given Steam keys, but given that Arcen are good guys and it’s the standard thing to so, we’re pretty sure that will be the case. If you haven’t already, you can grab AVWW in its beta stage for half price and play it right now, just head over to the purchase page.

More information on A Valley Without Wind can be found on the game’s official website.

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