Action RPG ‘Bloom’ Seeks Funding For Its Ambitious Standards


Bloom is an upcoming fantasy-based action-RPG from Studio Fawn being developed for PC, Mac, and Xbox 360. The developers feel that it is time to show off the game to the community, and ask for support to help get the game finished.

Studio Fawn recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for Bloom, and in doing so, gave the general public its first look at Bloom. Up until this point, Studio Fawn had just relayed development progress to industry professionals at studios like Blizzard, Valve, and Bioware. “Their feedback and encouragement has been a great signal that we are on the right track and creating something really special,” said Studio Fawn.

Bloom focuses on “synergetic design” and “strategic real-time combat”, with a strong emphasis on the cross-interaction of items. This means that a player won’t simply use an arrow to damage opponents, but the player can also use an arrow to trigger switches from across a room, stick an arrow into something to add weight to it, or even attach something to an arrow and shoot it across the room for quick item transportation.

“Congratulations, you can shoot an arrow,” says Studio Fawn on the Kickstarter page, “but lets see you use your bow to defeat an enemy that can’t be hurt by arrows.”

Bloom screen

As with all Kickstarter campaigns, there are a number of rewards promised for meeting certain donations amounts. Some rewards include: digital versions of the game, special in-game items, signed posters, art books, and more.

“Kickstarter also breaks down the wall between the studio and the players during development,” Studio Fawn explains on their Kickstarter page. With your help we will be able to develop out in the open, posting new artwork and new ideas for direct feedback from the fans. Each step along the way, you will be a part of how the game grows. This game is for you, funded by you, you are the reason Studio Fawn exists and the reason we work so hard.”

Visit the Bloom Kickstarter page, and also check out the official website for concept art and additional media.


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