‘Adventure Apes’ Pay-What-You-Want For A Limited Time

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For the next few days, ScaryPotato’s platformer, Adventure Apes, is available on Indie Game Stand for a pay-what-you-want price.

Adventure Apes: The Mayan Mystery follows the adventure of Mitch Monkey, as he tracks down the notorious Horatio Hawk, who has stolen a magical gem from a Mayan temple. With the help of his friend Otis and the innovative Dr. A, players will help Mitch hunt down Horatio and solve the Mayan Mystery.

The game originally released last September, and an “Adventure Apes 1.5″ entitled Otis in Space, is currently in the works.

“As the name implies, it isn’t really a sequel to the Mayan Mystery so much as a little something that runs parallel with the storyline,” explains ScaryPotato on the Adventure Apes website. “The plan is to change things drastically for this game!”

Otis in Space is going to be more of a Asteroids-styled mini-game, than a full platforming experience.

“Basically, while Mitch is chasing after Horatio Hawk, his buddy Otis has recovered, and is sent on a mission to collect crystals from the asteroid belt. These crystals are the same type that were used in the artifact Horatio Hawk stole from the Mayan temple, and Dr.A will need them to construct a time machine to keep track of the dirty bird!”

Check out Adventure Apes on Indie Game Stand, and visit the official website.

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