‘AirBuccaneers’ Goes Green And Sails Into Beta In A Fantastic Week For LudoCraft

AirBuccaneers combat
AirBuccaneers combat

This week really has been quite the eventful one for the Finnish studio LudoCraft. The studio responsible for the indie airship combat game AirBuccaneers, originally made as a mod for Unreal Tournament 2004 now being developed into a fully fledged game.

AirBuccaneers is a first person multiplayer airship game pitting the shamanistic Buccaneers against the infamous Vikings to control the north. With a huge focus on teamplay and specialisations of each player AirBuccaneers is a very fun and team intensive game.

AirBuccaneers this week made it onto Steam after being accepted into the Greenlight project, a huge boon for the guys and one I am personally overjoyed with, as they are a great bunch of people. Ludocraft has also announced that AirBuccaneers has now entered the beta stage of the development cycle.

Of course the beta, like all good betas contain many new features including:

  • Redefined gameplay mechanics
  • AI enemies (octopuses flying airships)
  • Attack and defend, a new gameplay mode
  • Character development with role-based class system with a perk/flaw system
  • A HUD and menu overhaul

LudoCraft have also now expanded the storyline and the world history overall, hoping to make for a much more engaging experience. Taking inspiration from Nordic mythology, LudoCraft really are not short for story inspiration and I am sure the final story will end up quite sensational.

AirBuccaneers beta

It has been a massive week for the guys and really am looking forward to actually playing the new beta installment. LudoCraft anticipate a release of 1.0 at the end of the year, but if you just can’t wait, and really I can’t blame you. For a limited time you are able to get this fantastic game for only 10 Euros (offer ends on the 22nd of October), get involved on the official site here.

Be sure to check back to The Indie Game Magazine for my interview with some of the great guys from LudoCraft along with a Preview of the beta in the coming weeks.

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