‘AirBuccaneers’ Sets Sails Today, Just In Time For A Nordic Christmas

AirBuccaneers combat

Just in time for Christmas AirBuccaneers has just been released today, yet another success story for the Greenlight community project. AirBuccaneers is the latest game from Ludo Craft and is a whole new take on multiplayer combat.

AirBuccaneers is a multiplayer airship combat game similar to Guns Of Icarus, although in this game the battles are set between the vicious Buccaneer and the infamous Viking in the frozen north. This makes for a great deal of lore to come into the game from Nordic myths of old, they really do add a great deal to the game overall and make for some stunning settings.

AirBuccaneers Flying On The Wings

It is a fast and frantic affair in which you hoist your sails and load your ship with your crew to take to the skies in the hope to reign supreme. AirBuccaneers is an interesting take on this genre and focuses greatly on individual character progression. This differs from other airship combat games as you can unlock all manner of attributes from tech trees that can both help and hinder you as they modify your abilities.

The character progression is a huge thing as the ships are fixed in an attempt to balance the game more fairly. Although in AirBuccaneers you can load up a ship with as many people as you can physically fit on them. You even have the ability to board ships and swashbuckle your way to victory. Although this ends in you getting stabbed in the back  far too often, it also adds an extra dynamic of fun to the game.

AirBuccaneers Grim Defeat

AirBuccaneers is a great deal of fun and I am eagerly anticipating installing the full release and getting into the aerial combat action once more.

AirBuccaneers has just been released onto Steam thanks to the community and marks yet another success story for the Greenlight system, so be sure to check it out. If you would like to know more about the gameplay check out me preview here. Expect a full review in the coming weeks.

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