‘Akaneiro Demon Hunters’ The Latest Japanese Inspired Action RPG

Akaneiro Orc
Akaneiro Orc

It seems lately that every studio has been trying to ride the wave of the modern dungeon crawler. With Blizzard’s hit coming out earlier this year to be followed by a slew of awesome indie titles that include Torchlight II. Well it looks like long running studio Spicy Horse have decided to follow this recent trend with their latest game Akaneiro Demon Hunters (Akaneiro).

Spicy Horse are of course the studio responsible for such hit titles as Crazy Fairies and Alice Returns amongst other awesome titles. Akaneiro looks to be a dungeon crawler (Action RPG if you prefer) with a bit of a difference.

Spicy Horse have focused on making Akaneiro follow along the lines of Japanese folklore. Introducing a lot of the monsters commonly found in these tales of old, hoping to really bring this title out of the shadow of the now many competitors and I think it does the job fantastically.

Akaneiro orcs 2

Setting the scene in the defence of the Yami Village, the only object in the way of the underworld hordes pouring out into the world. It is your job to repel the onslaught of demons and save the world from a terrible fate.

The art style used in Akanerio does look fantastic in all its cell shaded glory. Cell Shading seems to of seen a modern resurgence in the past few years and I can understand why. Using it in an action RPG seems to really bring about a fantastic tone that is somewhere in between realistic and cartoon.

Spicy Horse have just released the latest information about a very interesting new area: Shigemori River. In what seems to be a new and exciting zone, flowing down from the deep central mountain ranges of Yomi Island. The river borders a deep pine forest and runs alongside the temple highroad.
Akanerio archer

Here players will be able to locate a powerful Ushi Oni that has rallied the Amano Imps to his banner to sow chaos on Yomi Island. At nightfall the brave heroes must infiltrate their territory, kill the imp captains to then take the head of their leader.

Akaneiro really looks to be a fantastic new action RPG taking a very interesting and creative direction with the best bit being Spicy Horse are taking this venture down the free to play route.

To find out more about Akanerio check out the official site here. If you like what you see and love action RPG type games then be sure to sign up to the closed beta on the page as well.

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