‘Amazing Alex’ Aims To Replicate Angry Birds Success


Rovio Entertainment has unveiled a teaser trailer for its first new IP since Angry Birds was launched in 2009. Amazing Alex will be released for iOS and Android devices in July. The game features a wiz kid who turns everything into an adventure. Whether it’s cleaning his room or battling robots in the backyard, Alex creates contraptions and reactions to finish the job. At least Rovio Entertainment is sticking to what it knows in a sense; the company has perfected the art of the bite-sized, physics based puzzle game.

The game will feature 100 levels at launch, but Rovio has stated that it will be possible to build and share levels. Players will be able to utilize each of the 35 interactive objects to create challenging and intricate courses, which can then be shared with friends or the world. In addition, Rovio will update the game regularly and for free, although the developer has not outlined what form these updates will take. Angry Birds thrived on the back of players replaying levels and Rovio will attempt to replicate this in Amazing Alex. The game will feature several different solutions for each level and players will be able to share these with friends.

The concept has been seen before so it will be interesting to see what spin Rovio can put on the formula. The game is based on the intellectual property of Casey’s Contraptions, which the company purchased. However, Rovio CEO, Mikael Hed, has indicated that the game has a lot to live up to. He said, “We want to maintain the high standard Angry Birds fans have come to enjoy.”

Amazing Alex will launch on iOS and Android devices in July and Rovio plans to launch the title on Windows shortly after. More information about Amazing Alex can be found on the official game website, on Twitter or on Facebook.

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