An IGM Aus Christmas + Win ‘BlastPoints’

IGM Aus Xmas

It’s only a few days let until the big day. It’s so close I can smell the turkey in the oven already! For some, the holiday season is a hectic and stress filled time, trying to find gifts that are suitable for numerous friends and family.

Today for IGM Aus, I thought I’d help you out with some last minute present suggestions and tips for your gaming loved one. Let’s start at the top with the most important tip:

Frozen Hearth1) Don’t be afraid to ask: We all hate getting presents we don’t want, or receiving something we already have. If you get into a situation where you just can’t think of any ideas, just ask your friend, girlfriend, next door neighbour or captured cellmate what they’d like instead. It would save a lot of embarrassing moments on the big day. But if it does happen, simply point out the mistake and say ‘hey, buy me Real Racing next time!’

2) Downloading is your friend: This is especially handy if you’re running out of time. Gifting downloadable games may sound like the easy way out, but given that so much content is only available online as it is, there’s no reason not to consider it. We all know the big players like the App Store or Steam are go to destinations, but don’t forget the likes of GOG or Desura, where you can find a few really good titles, such as the RTS/RPG Frozen Hearth.

3) Don’t spend an arm and a leg: We can all agree that keeping your appendages is extremely important, so why spend up big? Keep it all together and grab a whole bunch of titles on the cheap. For some cool examples, there’s the likes of Ball of Woe, Tasty Fish and BlastPoints on iOS, all cheaper than a bag of Doritos or that chocolate that only comes out at Christmas time. You know the one, it’s like Lindt except it has those little rice bubble bits in it? Yeah, that one.

4) If all else fails, buy a gift card: Yes, it’s true that some people don’t like buying gift cards or receiving them, but the truth is there’s those people who are just too hard to buy for. The gift card is another good way out of a jam, and the good thing is there’s a few out there that are specific tailored to the gamer. There’s points cards for all the major consoles, making it easy to pay for the likes of Fruit Ninja Kinect or Spirit Hunters Inc., which is what they should be using them on, clearly.

There’s other important tips, such as not drinking too much and always eat more than you can stomach just to prove to the other cousins that you can eat more than they can (we all do that, right?), but I guess in the end the most important thing I can say is to just have fun. Don’t forget what this holiday really stands for, be safe and if you’re playing any video games over the holidays, don’t over do it. We want you back here on IGM in the new year after all!

Oh, and there’s one more thing.

5) If it ain’t broke, it’s free: Okay, I lied, this isn’t a tip. I mentioned the newly released sci-fi shooter BlastPoints above. Well, would you like to win a free download? I’ve got three codes to give away thanks to the Pub Games team. All you have to do is be the first three people to tweet me the answer to the following question:

Q. For what console was Fruit Ninja Kinect released on?

Tweet me here with your answer and you could win. Consider it a thank you for reading this far.

I’ll be back next week with a look ahead to 2013. Until then, game on.

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