‘Apple Jack 2′ Hitting Xbox Live Early 2012

Apple Jack 2
Apple Jack 2

My Owl Software has announced that Apple Jack 2, the follow up to the critically acclaimed XBLIG hit, will be released sometime in Q1 of 2012.

Tim Sycamore is recognised as a zero budget game genius after his runaway success with Apple Jack on the Xbox Live Indie Games store – a well-known hard market to suck any form of success from. Naturally, he has been developing Apple Jack 2 and is anticipating its release, along with his many fans, in early 2012. The story of the sequel goes a little something like this:

“Apple Jack hates his boring job. Driven to near-insanity by the click-clack of the photocopier, he’s determined to leave it far behind (along with his clothes) and head for the beach. And so in Apple Jack 2 from My Owl Software, announced today in this here press release, it’s up to Xbox 360 players to help him escape the drab mundanity of it all.”

The madness of the original 2D platformer will be maintained in the sequel, but a whole host of features are being added to ensure this is a game worth throwing your cash at. Picked out by the developer to tantalise you are the following details: Ride enemies and meet new ones, battle ginormous bosses, rewind time to get yourself out of trouble, push big blocks around, flip switches, roll, wall jump, generate huge multipliers, collect vast amounts of fruit and more! The sequel will also feature a high volume of levels to keep you playing on and on as you span across three worlds in over 60 highly varied levels.

Apple Jack 2

“I’ve always loved 2D platform games”, says Tim. “And I’ve tried to cram everything I love about them into this game. I hope to give fans of the genre a proper platforming workout!”

We don’t doubt that it will and intend to get stuck right in ourselves when the game is released. Until then, check out the developer’s blog for more info and buy the original Apple Jack if you haven’t already!

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