Atom Zombie Smasher Review


Atom Zombie Smasher by Blendo Games is the most fun I have had on my PC in quite some time. The game is insanely addictive and very challenging. Who knew that bombarding pink dots with artillery shells could be so much fun?

Unlike most zombie games, Atom Zombie Smasher takes you far away from the action. Everything is shown from a top-down perspective over different sectors of the city where you will issue commands, order evacuation helicopters and reign down orbital barrages to thwart the Zombie menace. The game is very dynamic, but each mission starts with you selecting a territory. You are then presented with a planning phase where you can place your evac helicopter and other mercenaries on the city map. Once you’re ready, the zombie hordes start flooding into the city. During this action phase, you can move your mercenaries around, fire artillery and trigger TNT explosions. The baseline goal is to save the prescribed number of civilians, but if you want to stand a chance you’ll need to eradicate the zombies before nightfall and capture the territory. All of this carnage boils down to a simple scoring system; the first side to reach the set number of victory points wins the game.

[private_insider] Everything about the game’s campaign can be modified to suit your needs, but if you hop in without changing anything you are in for one difficult game. Zombies infect territories faster than you can evacuate them and if you don’t capture some territories early on, the Zed will start racking up points. This is made even more difficult by the randomness of your mercenary loadouts. The good news is that whether winning or losing, Atom Zombie Smashers is still a ton of fun. I lost two or three campaigns before I started making modifications and eventually won, but I was completely engrossed in the game the entire time.

Atom Zombie Smasher takes place in the city of Nuevos Aires in the 1960s and has an awesome comic book presentation and storyline. The story is quick and punchy just like the game itself. As you play, you’ll unlock comic vignettes that offer a glimpse at the off kilter and surreal 1960s world that Blendo Games has created. It’s all good fun and is punctuated by some amazing surfer style guitar music throughout. It keeps your adrenaline pumping and strangely fits the game perfectly.

The overall presentation of AZS is excellent, but some people may be put off by the yellow and pink dots that represent civilians and zombies. While this is a graphic shortcut (and shortcoming), the explosions and overall graphical panache of the game all combine into an excellent package. This is not the best looking game out there, but it has style and it’s incredibly fun so you’ll forgive it these small shortcomings. Atom Zombie Smasher is designed to be a quick campaign that only lasts a few hours. You’ll play this campaign over and over again for several reasons. First off, the game is wickedly hard. If you’re playing for the first time, I highly advise that you select the casual option and enable the ability to customize your mercenary load-outs. Another fantastic feature that vastly helped my strategizing is the ability to slow and speed up the game time on the fly. I’m starting to tap into another reason why you’ll play the campaign over and over again. The game is completely customizable. You can alter nearly everything about it from the length of the campaign to the color of the zombies. Combine these limitless options with a crazy fun game and you have a recipe for a serious addiction. During the course of writing this review, I have booted up the game on 5 separate occasions. It’s a fantastic short form game that will provide you endless hours of fun and replayability. [/private_insider] [review pros="Addictive! Pure Arcade Fun - great strategy and excellent guitar music" cons="I wish zombies weren't just pink dots" score=95]

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