Auditorium Duet – $10k Short – 3 days To Go


We are in the final 3 days of Cipher Prime’s campaign to make a sequel to Auditorium, the game that launched their company.   This new game will have a brand new single player campaign, but will feature brand new Co-Op mechanics as well.  They’re asking for $60,000, but for anyone that thinks that is too much –  take a look at this infographic about what an indie development studio spends and what you get paid as an indie:


Keep in mind that the graph above doesn’t take into account credit card debt for when the team has had slow months.  It’s sort of depressing to think that a studio with as many accolades as Cipher Prime struggles to keep making indie games and gets paid so poorly.  Minecraft’s success story is certainly a rarity.  Lucky for you, you can actually help get this game made by donating to the project on Kickstarter.  Keep in mind that you only get charged if the project reaches it’s goal.  Want some good news?  By my calculations if the project is successful, we should have Auditorium Duet in 4 months… that’s probably wishful thinking though.

More information on Auditorim 2: Duet and its funding project can be found on the developer’s official website and Kickstarter.

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