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Aquaria for iPad Review

Bit Blot has released their Metroidvania-styled game, Aquaria, for the iPad. If the game sounds familiar don’t be surprised, this game is a port of the former IGF winner from 2007 for the PC. Aquaria..

First Impressions: Voxatron Alpha

Lexaloffle Games and The Humble Bundle have decided to create another indie gaming pack known as the Humble Voxatron Debut. The Humble Voxatron debut is similar to most of the other Humble Indie Bundles that..

Digging Deeper Into The IGF Pirate Kart

For those of you that haven’t paid too close attention to the community, you may have noticed that the 2012 Independent Game Festival has started and one particular submission is more unique than the others...

Bastion Takes My Breath Away

Possibly one of the greatest elements of a compelling story is the narrator. Sometimes a mundane story into a great and compelling one. Narrators in stories are usually stuck to cut scenes and sitting back..