Back To The Start: ‘Super Retro Squad’ Kickstarter Campaign Launched

Super Retro Squad

Here’s a question that, strangely enough, I rarely find myself asking. Why does one make a game? For money? For experience? As a labour of love?

In Exploding Rabbit’s case, it’s definitely the last of the three. Their conceptual 2D platformer, Super Retro Squad, seeks to harness the old-school charm of the 8-bit and 16-bit eras by replicated the simple, addictive formula that made what’s now considered retro gaming to be so endearing. The game will feature a crew of eight nostalgia-laden characters resembling the luminaries of the retro gaming scene, each of whom will offer their own unique gameplay mechanics spread across 40 different levels of platforming paradise.



With the game still in the early stages of development, Exploding Rabbit is looking to garner the support of the gaming community by setting up a Kickstarter campaign. With a goal of $10,000 having been established, financial backers will be welcomed until the scheme’s July 19th deadline, with a $15 donation securing customers a digital copy of the game and a dance video courtesy of Jay, the game’s lead designer. And given that he looks like a cross between Lars Ulrich and Ronnie James Dio, I’d imagine he busts a move or two.

This isn’t Exploding Rabbit’s first voyage into the retro platformer genre, having previously worked on Super Mario Bros. Crossover. They’re also pretty active on the Youtube scene, where they’ve produced a batch of light-hearted pieces of video entertainment for your viewing pleasure.

To make a financial contribution to Super Retro Squad‘s development, visit its Kickstarter page as soon as possible.

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