Best of the week, August 29 – Sept 10


While not a slow week by any means, platformers definitely rule the week. However, experimental games are  the biggest draw of September thus far with the results of the Experimental Gameplay Project being released.



Indie game players like me are suckers for black and white games and Ozmoze is no exception. With the ability to teleport a few feet in ffront of you as your only way around the obstacles, Ozmoze puts a nice spin on the the “don’t touch the edges” genre.

Category 5

Atomic Blast

Vox Populi, Vox Dei


video link


Standing out for it’s crisp graphics and complete story, Beacon is a platformer with a little more complexity then the other entries with only one button used.

Tower Climber

Little Space Duo


No Quarter V-Sides


Video Link

Time Donkey Trailer from Flashbang Studios on Vimeo.

Time Donkey

Fun and more important, funny. Time Donkey was still a blast despite the swarm of titles released from the EGC.

Synopsis Quest


The Girl with 40 Eyes

Ergon Logos


Screen shot 2009-09-06 at 2.33.42 AM

Labyrinth Hero

A rough week for RPG’s as there was little competition, but labyrinth hero is still a joyful hack-and-slash. Dragon Warrior (old school reference) graphics delight, however the game is mostly in Japanese. Gamer beware.