Beta Demo Of ‘Incursion’ Is Ready To Be Eyeballed


Cube Noir have released the beta demo of their text-based adventure Incursion unto the world, it’s available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Peter Moorhead is the brainbox behind Cube Noir and therefore Incursion. He also likes to write at IGM on occasion so it’s no surprise that we’re writing news about the release of the Incursion demo. We’re told it’s a very small demo as the game is a long way off from release, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying what’s on show already.

Incursion is a text-based adventure in every sense, though it’s most certainly for the “modern age” as it so eagerly boasts. It features pixel art, a non-linear storyline and a wondrous soundtrack to whisk you along the journey in this odd, fantasy land.

Should you want to give it a go, it’s available from the official website on Windows, Mac and Linux so go and check it out!

More information on Incursion can be found on the game’s official website.

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