‘BIT.TRIP Runner 2′ Now With 100% More Rainbow

BIT.TRIP Runner 2
BIT.TRIP Runner 2

BIT.TRIP Runner 2 has been given a little make over since it was last seen and the difference is quite astounding…and multi-colored.

Gaijin Games have been busy adding lots of important things to Runner 2 and have decided to showcase them before they march off to PAX East where they’ll be showing the game off. Using their clever little brains, they’ve posted footage from the same level as was showing in the last lot of gameplay footage, in order to show everyone the difference.

What you can see has been added is loads of animations, more obstacles and enemies, more paths on the level, a scrolling background and, most importantly, Commander Video’s cape. More subtle additions are lighting and particle effects. There also seems to be a couple of new things revealed here which weren’t in the original Runner. That being checkpoints and a lock and key – picking up the latter being necessary to progress through the level it seems.

Next will be shadows and depth of field so obviously Gaijin still have a lot of polish to add, but take a look at how exciting Runner 2 is looking!

More information on BIT.TRIP Runner 2 can be found on the game’s official website.

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  1. Toby Walker

    I looks good but:

    Seriously, I want moar rainbow!The best part of finishing a level in the original Bit. Trip Runner was filling up half the screen with your rainbow trail! D:

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