Brand New Bag: First ‘Papo & Yo’ Dev Diary Released


Minority’s Vander Caballero has dazzled us with a fascinating inside look at the ongoing development process behind his Playstation 3-exclusive puzzle/platformer, Papo & Yo.

The developer diary demonstrates not only how the platforming mechanics will function within the game, but also how Caballero is aiming to convey his own personal experiences in an interactive fashion that players from all walks of life can enjoy and relate to. Take a look and be charmed.



For those new to the Papo & Yo carnival, it’s set in a poverty-stricken, yet boundlessly colourful and optimistic South American favela. You play as a young lad named Quico, accompanied by his best friend, who happens to be a large, pink monster. Yikes.

Quico’s life is marred by the overbearing influence of his abusive partner, but that doesn’t stop him from living through the idyllic figments of his innocent, childlike imagination. To Caballero, it’s an extended metaphor relating to his own childhood in South America, where his relationship with his own father mirrored that of Quico’s.

But, to Caballero, focusing solely on this strained father-son interaction would be to miss the point of Papo & Yo. As you’ll no doubt have gathered from the developer diary, the underlying theme of the game is most certainly that of the power of imagination, and he’s intent on creating an experience that can be likened to a child’s toy springing to life in a burst of supernatural wonder.

Papo & Yo‘s continued development can be followed on its official site. While a solid release date still hasn’t been announced, Caballero states that we can look forward to more footage at E3 next month.

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