Bring It, Vader: Build Your Own Space Empire In ‘Galaxial’


Stuart Morgan may just be one man but that doesn’t stop him from building a huge game universe in Galaxial, one that you will be able to capacitate your very own empire and we’re talking BIG!

Despite the many space-based games in development and currently and recently released, apparently there is still room enough to impress us with a big, mouth-open “Oh my!” The latest game that caused our eyes to sporadically lust over its wares is Galaxial – a game that is as big as a universe and lets you explore every inch. You won’t want to just wander off on your merry way though, as in Galaxial‘s sandbox mode which consists of “thousands of ships and hundreds of star systems” all randomly generated, you can do as you please but if you start colonising and conquering you’ll also need to fend off attackers.

Galaxial is in fairly early stages but it’s already looking good and it seems like it will be a pretty deep experience too. Features include mining resources, space battles, customisable ships, epic scale exploration and future modding support. Aside from the “do what you want” Sandbox mode, there will also be Survival mode which will hone your planetery and fleet defending skills and there will be Missions for players who need objectives to work towards.

There’s no sense of a release window for Galaxial at the moment but we can tell you that it will release on PC, other platforms will be considered based on the game’s success. Stuart, the sole developer, is releasing video updates of his progress so here is the latest one for you to watch.

More information on Galaxial can be found on the developer’s official blog.

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