Build Me A Battleship: ‘Codename: STARSHOOTER’ Seeks Funding


Considering that Václav Mazaný has been making truck simulators for the past couple of years, oh and the ARMA games too, it may not be too surprising that his solo project runs as far away from reality (and its mundaneness) as possible. Where better to go than space? Codename: STARSHOOTER is the name of the game and it needs some funding so that it may be completed in the optimum time.

What is it though? Well, judging by the name it’s going to involve stars and shooting in what is a fairly typical manner. Alas! Shooting is not enough as in STARSHOOTER you’ll be able to buy new ships and kit them out as you see fit. Online stats and leaderboards will bring a sense of community competitiveness too. None of this has any worth if the game looks no good right? Well, just take a look at the trailer below and you’ll see that it is indeed looking fairly handsome in this early stage, so it can only get better.

Before you scuttle off to that play button though, I’m going to dump this link to the game’s Indie GoGo page if you feel you want to throw some coins at the game’s development future. The cool thing about the game is that it will be heading to iOS, Android, Mac and PC – so that probably covers availability for most of you.

More information on Codename: STARSHOOTER can be found on the game’s official website.

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