Bunk Bed Bundles Ensue With ‘Indie Gala 2′

Indie Gala 2
Indie Gala 2

Discount indie games and music is the prize worth fighting for to get to the top bunk in the Indie Gala 2. Flex your fingers and prepare for a mass squabble if you want to sleep nearest to the ceiling, where 11 games and 7 music albums await for a very cheap price.

After the surmounting success of the first Indie Gala, its organizers return with not one, not two, but three bunks for you all to choose from. The bottom and most undesirable bunk, because you don’t get to climb the ladder, comes in with 3 games and 3 albums if you pay between $1 – $3.99.

  • Music: The Numbers – Beautiful EP
  • Music: Giraffage – Comfort
  • Music: Casey Lalonde – Skitter EP

For those who manage to scramble on to the ladder, jabbing their foot into the faces of the weak, they can dive into the middle bunk which comes at a price between $4 – $6.99. If you are one of those within that dangerous piggy-in-the-middle zone, you will find 5 games and 6 musical albums; those included in the first bunk as well as:

  • Music: Robot Science – Square
  • Music: Casey Lalonde – Thank You
  • Music: Jack Butler – Fit The Paradigm

The supreme champions who climb to the very top bunk, who, resisted the pain of ass punching, involuntary moonings and banging their head on the ceiling; are rewarded most handsomely. It comes at a price of $7.00 or more, but they receive all of the above as well as the entire contents of the first Indie Gala, which include:

  • Music: Robot Science – Doodads

The Indie Gala 2 launched today and is available until a total of 50,000 units are sold, so you better get in there quick! All of the games are redeemable on Steam and the albums come in MP3 and FLAC formats. You can pay what you want but what you receive depends on the price range you go for as listed above.

Your money can then be split between the developers, the Gala organizers and the supported charities, which are Save The Children Italia and Child’s Play.

More information on Indie Gala 2 can be found on the official website.

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