Car Wars: ‘Sprocket Junkie’ Enters Open Beta

Sprocket Junkie

So, it looks as though fans pinching for virtual road rage have a new toy to play with now that Sprocket Junkie, a multiplayer car combat game from Six Shooter Games, has entered its official Open Beta phase.

The game appears to be attempting to harness the widespread popularity of such motor madness simulators as Twisted Metal and the recently released Wheels of Destruction by engendering a hybrid between tight vehicular controls and surreal, bombastic gimmickery. While its counterparts in the genre may plump for guns and rockets, Sprocket Junkie equips each car with a pair of grappling hooks, which can be used to physically wrench opposing drivers from their cockpits. Heck, it’s apparently also possible to set up so-called “rope clotheslines,” which is an automatic Brucie Bonus in our books.



Would-be drivers hoping to start their engines and unleash a torrent of unrelenting rope rage on the rest of the field can download Sprocket Junkie‘s Beta version over on the game’s official site, where more details and footage are also available for your viewing pleasure.

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