‘Castle Of Pixel Skulls’ Is Now Free To Play In Your Browser

Castle Of Pixel Skulls
Castle Of Pixel Skulls

2KSomnis have now released their challenging retro platformer, Castle of Pixel Skulls, as a free browser game after originally charging for it on XBLIG.

Spanish developers 2KSomnis second title was rather undersold on the Xbox Live marketplace – it is still available right here – it seems that Castle of Pixel Skulls did not impress the Xbox crowd enough to warrant a purchase. Wisely then, 2KSomnis have now released the full game on PC for free!

Castle of Pixel Skulls has been occupying a lot of my time this morning now that it is completely free to play on PC. As a sucker for cute 2D platformers I instantly fell head over heels in love with Castle of Pixel Skulls. The jump control and the hit detection seem a little off to me, but it’s nothing that deters a playthrough – especially with such a delightful soundtrack.

Click on this link right here to play Castle of Pixel Skulls right now.

More information on Castle of Pixel Skulls can be found at the developer’s official website. If you want to purchase the game for your Xbox 360 then head over to the Xbox Live marketplace.

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