Why I Created An Indie Studio

The following post is by Matthew King, artist and developer of Indie Game development company 2D2Day. King writes about his motivation for creating his own indie company and what he feels indie means both in..

Why I Make Games

The following is written by Robert Nurse, an indie developer that creates his own no-budget titles at Netherscene Games. In addition to his indie development, Nurse is also a professional performer, and has danced with..

Keeping Motivation Aflame

The following guest article is written by Nicholas Mamo of Nyphoon Games. Mamo is a 17 year old student from Malta, and is the sole member of the Nyphoon Games staff. In our first of a..

Set Your Sights On ‘Lonewolf’

I have fond memories of my early days with gaming on the internet. Back when online arcades were all the rage, before Battlefield 1942, SOCOM: US Navy Seals, and Counter Strike opened my eyes to..