Cave Story Creator Debuts On iOS With ‘Azarashi’, Released Today


Daisuke Amaya, the creator of indie classic Cave Story, has released his first game on the iOS platform today; it’s a port of his 2001 freeware game Azarashi.

Released today, Amaya’s debut iOS title Azarashi is a simple game in which you tap the screen of your iDevice to stop the three seal keychains, and other wacky animals, from dropping. Do it too late and the seals perish below the screen, do it too early however and you have killed yourself an adorable seal. You are scored based on the speed of your reactions at the end of each level. It’s not going to wow those who know of Amaya through Cave Story or Ikachan, but it’s a perfectly fine iOS game in itself. Azarashi features Amaya’s trademark art style and sprightly soundtrack to help flesh out the experience as you desperately attempt to save the helpless, yet cheery, seals.

You can download the original PC version of Azarashi for free by clicking on this link.

Those who are interested in the slightly more enriched experiences that Amaya has released previously should consider supporting the developer by purchasing Azarashi as he is using it to test the iOS market in preparation for Rockfish. Now that Amaya has become a full time developer he also needs as many funds as possible to continue making his games, and trust us, Rockfish is something Cave Story fans will enjoy. Speaking to last year, Amaya said that Rockfish is a combination of “the underwater setting of Ikachan with the roaming gameplay of obtaining weapons from Cave Story.”


Rockfish will be a defining moment for Amaya, determining whether he can continue to develop games as a sustainable full-time career. If you are a fan of his work and want to see Rockfish released then you should start supporting one of indie gaming’s most inspirational men and buy Azarashi. No pressure, but buy it you fools!

You can purchase Azarashi on the App Store for $0.99 and it is compatible with all devices with iOS 4.2 or later.

More information on Daisuke Amaya and his library of games can be found on his official blog.

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