Chase The Storm In ‘Project Stormos’ Alpha Update

Project Stormos
Project Stormos

Rob Storm has released the 0.225a version of his anti-platformer Project Stormos – this new version increases community features for friendly and competitive purposes.

Project Stormos, if you didn’t know, is definitely one of our favorite upcoming platformers. Well, it’s more aptly described as an anti-platformer as you are encouraged to not touch down once you leap and dash through the air.

The latest update for the game is available now for those who have bought it at the $5.00 asking price for either their Windows PC or Mac. This update doesn’t add any new gameplay but rather enhances the experience overall for the community.

First up is a brand new title screen which is a whole load more exciting than the last inanimate one – this one sees the robot running across the screen before jumping off to somewhere. More importantly there are links to Featured Levels made by users and the official Blog. By far our favorite addition is the World Ranking screen which now appears upon completing a level so you can see how far behind the next fastest time you were. We’re fearful it’s brainwashing but we don’t care – we will not rest until everyone perishes!

Anyway, you can check out the full blog with all of the updates detailed properly right here.

Project Stormos is finally starting to get some attention from those video making types too, so you can watch people (we call them n00bs) fly through the levels and get ecstatic at their pathetic scores.

You can register for a Project Stormos account here, purchase it here and download it here.

There’s much more information on Project Stormos available on the official website.

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