Cheap As Chips: ‘Chester’ On Sale This Weekend


Chester, an artistically charged 2D-platformer from Brilliant Blue-G, was released last month for Windows PC. Well, if you weren’t quite on board then, there’s now an extra incentive to give this madcap, testosterone-pumped jumpfest a whirl.

Starting from today, the game will be up for sale on Desura at a 25% discount, bringing it down to £4.87 for the weekend. There’s also a free demo available, so the old “try before you buy” gimmick can receive the arbitrary corporate roll-out. Nice.



Originally part of the 2011 Indie Games Summer Uprising on the Xbox Live Indie Games service, the game has built up a decent following since its release on the PC, garnering an impressive average user score of 9.5 out of 10 among Desura users. You can find out more by jumping over the proverbial gap over to the game’s official site.


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