Check Out The Power Of Mobile Stage 3D In This Video

Mobile Stage 3D
Mobile Stage 3D

Back in August, Adobe made Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 available to Android users, but they announced that the much anticipated Stage 3D would not be ready until a later date. There have been a few tech demos available to watch on the internet since, but Lee Brimelow has given us a better one and a playable desktop conversion to witness how the tool will play on mobile devices.

Stage 3D is being cited as having the capability to make Flash a relevant development tool for a while longer yet, provided it does what is promised without draining the battery at a ridiculous rate. Adobe have promised that Stage 3D will harvest advanced 2D and 3D graphics acceleration for a significant boost in Flash video and games performance. What they have shown so far seems to have proven them good on their word, and this latest demo which was showcased at FITC Tokyo just impresses us more.

You can watch the video right here to see Stage 3D running on a HTC Jet Stream. You’ll notice how much animation there is going on-screen and the apparent ease of the device to continue to run the demo at a steady 60 frames per second. However, it may be a little difficult to make it out in that blurry video, so you may as well give it a test run on your desktop by clicking on this link.

While it may not be running on a mobile device, the desktop version is an accurate transferral, thus capably giving you an idea of how the tool will look on mobile devices. Developers using Mobile Stage 3D will effectively be able to make console-quality games for mobile devices. With innovations like this we can only hope that indie developers will be more capable to achieve the game vision they have in mind for the constantly growing smartphone gaming market. A release date for the update is still on the hush for now, but we are obviously getting much closer to that day.

More information on Stage 3D can be found at the official Adobe site.

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