‘Closure’ PSN Release Date And Pricing Confirmed


The release date and pricing information for Closure has been revealed for North American territories, it’s almost like someone has shone a light in the darkness…(yes that’s a terrible joke)

The expectations of Eyebrow Interactive’s chiaroscuro puzzle platformer, Closure, has been mounting recently, what with it being handed out awards left, right and center. The reason for this is probably because of its design around a central mechanic that sees objects and the environment exist only when light is shined upon it. This isn’t a case of something not being seen but still there in the dark, in Closure nothing exists in the dark. As such the game is all about the manipulation of light to your vantage, with many puzzles based around typical platforming mechanics forming the mainstay.

It has now been announced that on the Playstation Blog that the game will hit PSN in North America on March 27th and will cost $14.99 for the common folk and $11.99 for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The release date for the rest of the territories has not been announced just yet but we’ll update as soon as it is.

More information on Closure can be found on the game’s official website.

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