Constructive Chaos: ‘Cohorts of Kargonar’ To Enter Open Beta In May

Cohorts of Kargonar

In ye olde days, rivalries, feuds and conflicts generally tended to operate on a local scale. You’d see villages pulling together against the common foes down the road, all standing in unabated unity in the name of their own personal havens. That, it would seem, is very much the theme of Cohorts of Kargonar, a browser-based role-playing game that’s gearing up to delve into its Open Beta phase from May 1st.

Cohorts of Kargonar appears to be a curious little beast, one that’s perhaps best described as SimCity meets Diablo in a mish-mash of building customisation and good old team-based battling. In essence, it’s a game based around the concept of keeping tabs on your cohort, a gang of up to six recruitable units, and your village, in which your units must be given adequate accommodation to suit their needs. What’s more is that unit bonuses, perks and abilities may be unlocked through the correct installation and construction of certain buildings, placing a vital focus on the need for pragmatic residential assembly as well as basic combat tactics.

Of course, the village also acts as an expression of one’s personal tastes and character, ad it’s this sense of personality that feeds into Cohorts of Kargonar‘s social integration. It’s possible for players to visit other players’ villages and trade resources in the in-game auction house, expanding the game’s global range as a genuine massively-multiplayer experience.



Combat within the game takes the form of the type of fantasy-inspired scuffles that have become customary in the fantasy RPG genre over the years. The developers are promising a wealth of unlockable spells, abilities and upgrades, and it’s all said to be supported by a full in-game quest system and storyline arc that shows off the fantastical lore behind the game world.

You can sign up as a member of the Cohorts of Kargonar community at its official site, where you can also find out a little more about the game.

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