Crass Effect: ‘Frozen Synapse’ Now With Alternate Ending

Frozen Synapse Alt Ending
Frozen Synapse Alt Ending

In light of all of the controversy and whining regarding the ending of Mass Effect 3, Mode 7 have made an alternate ending for Frozen Synapse…with ponies and dinosaurs. Say cheese!

We barely have to inform you of the big Mass Effect 3 (may we never utter its name here again) ending controversy which has seen fans doing a lot of moaning, enough to force Bioware to actually make an alternate ending now. Ridiculous? Yep. Anyway, as that is going on, Mode 7 thought to try out making an alternate ending for their highly acclaimed strategy title Frozen Synapse.

“I don’t mean this to be critical of Bioware even slightly,” Mode 7′s Paul Taylor told Rock, Paper, Shotgun. “It’s just an experiment. I was so bowled over and fascinated just by the fact that such a change would even be considered, so I thought I’d see how it felt to do it.”

So in preparation for the alternate ending, Paul went and asked the Frozen Synapse community what they would like to see in this new undertaking via the various social media to hand. The result was suggestions including ponies, dinosaurs, “moist”, “dolphinproof” and “BORK BORK BORK”. Make of that what you will. Paul did and he has now filtered all of these ideas into a brand new ending for Frozen Synapse.

“It felt like vanadalising my own work,” said Paul, “and I feel really, really genuinely bad about any player who has been slogging their way through the game and is unlucky enough to finish the game in the week where this ending will be present.”

So, if you want to see the new alternate ending to Frozen Synapse you can either complete the campaign in the next week before it gets swapped around again, or you can go into the in-game console with ` then type “playCutscene(alternate);” (without quotation marks) and then close the console with ‘ .

Pretty simple, pretty mad, lots of fun. Paul is also calling out to other indie developers to #changethegame by adding their own alternate endings, “I definitely think all indie devs should do this. It is very enlightening and a bit like a creative enema.”


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