Cubetacular: ‘We Are Cubes’ Now Available On XBLIG

We Are Cubes
We Are Cubes

1BK have launched their debut title – an old school, wireframe arcade shooter called We Are Cubes – on to the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace.

After a whole year of staring at nothing but wireframes and cubes, 1BK are very excited to launch their debut title, the rather slick looking We Are Cubes, on to XBLIG. The game has a bit of retro throwback to it, merely because of the game’s vector-style visuals. Don’t let that fool you though as this a fast-paced arcade shooter with a lot to offer the player in the form of challenges, high scores, two game modes and “awardments”.

We Are Cubes boasts the ever-popular easy to play, hard to master formula but you’re having a problem trying to obtain dominance over your AI foe, you can always grab a friend, sit them down and tell them to help you out. Being an old school experience, this is local multiplayer only but that just means you your co-operation will be more direct, or you might just end up in a squabble…

We Are Cubescan be snatched up right now on the XBLIG Marketplace for just 80MSP.

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