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Today’s Developer Links discuss packaging, self-publishing, and how mainstream video games have lost their sense of wonder.

pleasuredomes of kubla khan (Auntie Pixelante)
“games by thecatemites are all about the dissonance between our fantasies and the cardboard cities (videogames) we construct for them to haunt like ghosts. in pleasuredomes of kubla khan, framed as a piece of corporate educational software, the dichotomy between the historical world being described by the narrator and the flat box-world the player explores escalates into a senseless orgy of jittering polygons, an irreconcilable conflict between what we’re capable of imagining and what we’re capable of creating that maybe speaks more to the ways in which we limit our creations than the ways in which our technology does.”

Our Self-Publishing PC Adventure, Part 1 (AltDevBlogADay)
“When we started Flippfly as a company, our thoughts were mostly on IOS: The developer ecosystem is thriving, the barrier to entry is super low, the hardware is awesome, and there are millions upon millions of potential customers. But through our experience with our first release, Monkey Drum, we came to realize a few things:”

Packaging Update (The Witness)
“A while ago, I wrote a post about package sorting in order to minimize diffs when patching on Steam. I ended up running a straightforward test where we would change the game minimally and build consecutive patches. The patches turned out to be quite large, but upon investigation, it was clear there usually wasn’t a good reason for this. Our compiled shaders would contain small differences, as would many meshes in the game.”

Kickstarter Campaign Isn’t Looking So Hot? (AltDevBlogADay)
“Well, that’s currently what’s happening to our Kickstarter campaign, God of Puzzle. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about what you need to know if you’re planning to start a Kickstarter campaign. This time, let’s talk about when your campaign doesn’t go as planned.”

Friday Flashback #32: Everything New (Broken Rules)
“Most of our weeks happen to have a certain theme, and this one is no different – we’re in the last few weeks of finishing off the multi-player mode of Chasing Aurora, so we’re buried under lists upon lists and heaps of to dos. Still so much to add, tweak, change, implement, rip out and polish, before we can sit back and look at our finished game. “What’s the theme?”, you may wonder. While we changed quite a lot of things during the week and ticked off tasks that dealt with improvement, we’ve also added quite a few new things, so the theme is – “everything new”!”

Banjo Kazooie And The Fall Of Gaming (Clint Makes A Game)
“Banjo Kazooie is one of the first games I remember playing that made me think about a game as aworld rather than a series of levels. I was 11, so there’s no way I was actually thinking this as I played, but each new environment I explored felt like a small part of a larger whole. Thinking back, most of the levels are relatively small, but the way that they were enclosed hinted at something outside of the explorable area, places where life carried on regardless of whether or not my N64 was turned on. I always felt like I was invading on some natural area that wasn’t built for me, but arose naturally out of some system.”

The Video Game Kickstarter Report – Week Of September 21 (Zeboyd Games)
“The highlight for new kickstarters this week IMO is Sealark, an Oceanic Adventure Game. Not entirely sure how it’ll play since it looks to be adding elements from all sorts of games – fishing, platforming, dating, etc – but it has a charming retro pixel art style and the creator lists Earthbound, Cave Story, and Harvest Moon as inspirations which makes him a-ok in my book. It has a modest goal of $5k and has already raised $29k (with 23 days to go).”

Join The Lava Blade Alpha Test! (Lost Decade Games)
“We’ve been making steady progress on our next game, Lava Blade. With the game nearing alpha test readiness, we’re in need of brave souls to test out the game and provide feedback and bug reports. If you’d like to receive email updates with playable alpha test links please signup. We promise to keep your email private and we’ll never spam you or sell your address. Please see our privacy policy for more information.”

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