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Microtransaction monetization, vector fields, and different ways to create loops in a programming language might not be some of the first things that come to mind concerning indie games, but they are topics that indie developers might have to deal with—and today’s Developer Links have got you covered.  (Rest assured there are articles about less esoteric matters, too.)

Steam Greenlight: Developers Speak Out (Gamasutra)
“Steam Greenlight launched last week to a huge influx of entries. If you follow many indie developers on Twitter, you will have no doubt seen your fair share of both love and hate for the initiative. Crowds of developers happy to get their game closer to being on the system were buffeted by tides of frustration at Greenlight’s shortcomings. Now that things have started to settle down, Gamasutra looked to grasp the general feeling among developers: is Greenlight good news for the indie scene? Will it actually help consumers show Valve which games they want on Steam, or is it yet another database to throw your game into and then never see any real good come out of it?”

What Topiary Should I Put On Top Of The New Courtyard Map? (SpyParty)
“The true purpose of this post is to test the new CAPTCHA system I installed, after getting sick of reCAPTCHA letting in 40 spam comments a day.1 So, if you’ve never commented on the blog before, please chime in below so I can test that it works.  If you have commented before, then you shouldn’t notice anything different and shouldn’t see the CAPTCHA.  Edit: it looks like the new CAPTCHA works fine, thanks everybody!  The ostensible purpose of this post is to brainstorm what topiary shape should go on top of the center pillar in the new experimental Courtyard map, pictured here:”

C/C++ Low Level Curriculum Part 9: Loops (AltDevBlogADay)
“This post covers the 3 built-in looping control structures whiledo-while, and for as well as the manual if-goto loop (old school!); as usual, we look in some detail at the assembly generated by the compiler looks like. Did I forget about the new range-based-for loop that was added in the C++11 standard? Nope. If you have access to a C++11 compliant compiler you’re more than welcome to look at that yourself – think of it as homework…”

Next Generation Monetization: Supremacy Goods (Gamasutra)
“Is your microtransaction-based game set up for failure or success? Consultant and writer Ramin Shokrizade discusses a new class of goods that is likely to damage the health of your user base — and in this article, posits rules for goods as well as taking a hard look at how some games function.”

The One Hundred Dollar Question (Jonas Kyratzes)
“It all began when Valve announced that Greenlight, the vote-based submission system for Steam, would now come with a $100 price tag for developers. The money wouldn’t go to Valve, but to a popular (with gamers) charity called Child’s Play; the point of the fee was not to enrich Valve, but to stop all the bogus and unprofessional submissions that were flooding the system. A few developers said ‘$100 is a lot for some people.’ Then all hell broke lose, and my understanding of the indie scene was permanently altered.”

The Art of Journey Available For Preorder (thatgamecompany)
“Good news, everyone! The Art of Journey is finally up for pre-order at Bluecanvas!  The first 750 orders get copies that are signed by both Jenova Chen and Matt Nava!  Signed copies are still available, but they’ll likely run out quickly.”

A Data-Oriented, Data-Driven System For Vector Fields – Part 1 (Bitsquid)
“A vector field is a function that assigns a vector value to each point in 3D space. Vector fields can be used to represent things like wind (the vector field specifies the wind velocity at each point in space), water, magnetism, etc. To me, wind is the most interesting use case. I want a system that can be used for physics (trees, tumble weed, paper cups), particles (leaves, sparks, smoke) and graphics (grass). I also want the system to be capable of handling both global effects (wind blowing through the entire level) and local effects (explosions, air vents, landing helicopters, rising hot air from fires, etc). But I don’t want to limit the system to only handling wind. I imagine that once the system is in place, it could be put to other interesting uses as well.”

Super Hexagon Launch Week Roundup (distractionware: devblog)
“So, er, wow. So much has happened that I don’t really know where to start, but here goes. Super Hexagon has been an absolutely huge success – both critically and commercially.”

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