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Among the topics covered in today’s Developer Links: Building music into games, and building games around music.

Making Music: Pugs Love Beats’ Theory And Fun (Gamasutra)
“It’s brilliant, because as a musician I see an enormous amount of groundbreaking work and exciting potential in the world of interactive audio and music in games. As a musician friend of mine once pointed out to me, in many ways the most innovative things happening right now in the music world are not happening in music at all, but in music software. I have no doubt that if Bach or Coltrane or Nancarrow were alive today they would be designing generative music systems or programming new Monome patches.”

Porting Your Game From iOS To Android (AltDevBlogADay)
“So you created a C/C++ game for iOS that gives joy to iPhone and iPad gamers from around the
world. How can you deny this joy from all loyal Android users? I can’t, so I had to port Pop Corny to the Android platform. It was a very interesting experience, full of gain as I say, and I think it would be nice to share some information and knowledge on the subject.”

We Were You (Auntie Pixelante)
“kill screen has been commissioning game designers to each build a game around a single piece of music. the newest is boring, santa ragione’s is neat – a driving exploring game. you can travel in any direction you like, and the music will generate an obstacle course for you. the song for this one is too short and repetitive for the hour or so that the game asks of you, though. bennet’s game is pretty, or maybe i just like the song. i think this is kill screen’s only case of the game designer also being the musician.”

Scalability And Asserts I’m Not Yet Fixing (SpyParty blog)
“I’ve been a bit quiet because I’ve been working on (hopefully) completely invisible stuff involving backend server scalability.  What does that mean, you ask?  In practical player-facing terms, it means I’m trying to get the lobby and registration system robust enough to first invite the rest of the waiting list in,1 and then to open the beta up completely, allowing people to hear about the game, visit the site, pay their money, and get into the beta instantly.  Between 10 and 500 people sign up a day, depending on how much press the game is getting at the time, and I’m very curious to find out how many of those will join the beta if it’s available immediately, and they aren’t told they have to wait.”

Slydris Coming To iPhone (Radiangames)
“I’ve spent the last couple days updating Slydris to include a few new features, with the biggest being iPhone compatibility.  In addition to making the grid squeeze into the screen space a little bit more, and rearranging some UI (more custom stuff than my other games), I’ve also been tweaking a “zoom-in” feature that lets you see how the highlighted block lines up with others around it.  That zoom-in feature has tweak-able strength, and if you slide your finger up or down while moving a block, the zoom-in will fade out.  I’d say the game is still better on the iPad, but I always enjoy games more on the iPad due to my own eye strain issues and large hands.”

Ugly Baby Cities A La Amy (Dejobaan Games)
“Submitted without comment, the Ugly Baby City Art, a la our 3D artist, Amy Mazzucotelli:”

Shoot 1UP Yours August 22 (Mommy’s Best Devlog)
“You can Shoot 1UP your phone on August 22nd for $2.99! New gameplay video extolling its exclusive virtues:”

Upcoming Dev Nights (Cipher Prime Studios)
“Looking forward, we’re going to be adding to the Dev Night format a bit. For one, we’re starting to put together Dev Night Diaries with interviews that showcase projects that developers are working on, the tools used, and approaches used to tackle the development process.”

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