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Today’s Developer Links delve a bit into the history of video games, with a retrospective on the TRS-80 and an analysis of the history of the now-resurgent genre of god games.  Plus, what not to do as an indie developer.

The 9 Common Mistakes Every Indie Game Studio Should Avoid (Gamasutra)
“Ichiro Lambe has learned a lot of hard lessons since he founded independent studio Dejobaan (AaaAAAAAaaaaA: A Reckless  Disregard For Gravity) over twelve years ago. At a talk at the Indie Game Summit this week at GDC China, Lambe whittled these down to the nine common pitfalls that most indie studios are in danger of facing.”

love and moving away (Auntie Pixelante)
love and moving away are games made in twine by finny. they ring personal: playing them, they feel like exercises in processing the author’s own baggage – kind of like rat chaos, but here the means of self-exploration aren’t rooted in videogame literacy. they seem small and perfect like poems. their conversations sound real.”

Bientôt l’été in bèta & end of pre-orders. (Bientôt l’été)
“We interrupt this program for a special announcement: Bientôt l’été is done! It took a bit longer than anticipated. I was originally hoping for an October release but decided to take a bit more time to streamline and polish, in response to the great feedback I have received on the alpha releases. Thank you for that!”

Mew-Genics Teaser Week 5 (Team Meat Blog)
“Butch is the final character teaser, from here on out we will start teasing aspects of game design, music, the games many features and its release platforms :)”

The Second Coming Of The God Game (BeefJack)
“We talk to the developers behind the resurgent god game scene, finding out what’s triggered the renewed interest and why they disappeared into the shadows for so long.”

Games From The Trash: The History Of The TRS-80 (Gamasutra)
“Radio Shack’s first computer was an underpowered but accessible and affordable unit — and as with nearly any platform, quickly became home to games. In this retrospective, Gamasutra pays homage to a system beloved by many but mostly forgotten by everyone else.”

Hit List Q&A: Jesse Schell, Schell Games CEO (Joystiq)
“In the “Hit List” from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, the video game industry’s top talents describe their current gaming addictions, their most anticipated releases and more. This week: Schell Games CEO Jesse Schell.”

Indie Tools: GM Scoreboard (IndieGames)
“As GameMaker is one of the most popular game development solutions (at least when it comes to 2D games) around, many of you game creating types should be happy to find out about the GM Scoreboard. It’s a rather brilliant website where game developers can store scoreboard data in a most permanent, online, automated and completely free manner. Theory Georgiou, one of the people responsible for the project, also notes that GM Scoreboard ‘use[s] a simple HTTP_post string which works perfectly with GameMaker and theoretically with any game that can make a HTTP request. Devs can pull data in-game or have players visit their page on the website for a full list of scores’.”

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