Dev Links: Finding The Path


Today’s Developer Links will help you find accessible areas in your game, interest hardcore players in freemium games, and recognize bad coding decisions.

Four Meditations On Bad Design Decisions (AltDevBlogADay)
“A major rewrite like this is always a humbling experience. When you have to rewrite your own code, every bad decision you made comes back to haunt you. And you don’t have anybody else to blame them on… With the power of hindsight, I’d like to reflect a bit on four design mistakes I made when I wrote the first version of the system that made this rewrite a lot harder than it could have been.”

Thoughts On RPG Maker On Steam (Zeboyd Games)
“Yesterday, RPG Maker VX Ace came out on Steam. To my knowledge, this is the first time that a PC RPG Maker title has been on sale on a major storefront. As of right now, the program is at spot #7 on the Top Sellers list – since this list is based on revenue, this means that it’s not selling as many copies as the other games in the top 10 (RPG Maker is $70 compared to the $12-$60 that everything else in the top 10 is selling for) but it’s still very impressive. There’s obviously a demand here.”

Ironically Easy To ‘Game’ Tax Breaks (
“Just reading here: And considering how it would apply to my game Democracy 2…”

Message In A Body (Bientôt l’été)
“I have said it before. Bientôt l’été is the last work of art I made. On the one hand because I have more or less dealt with what I wanted to deal with. On the other because I don’t see the point any more.”

Cyberqueen (Auntie Pixelante)
“porpentine’s latest is a meditation on the trend / trope / myth of sadistic computer overlords in videogames (and what an unsurprising place for such an archetype to emerge), one that situates the motif firmly within the realm of queer desire. porp is threading a labyrinth of feminine expression in digital games – the thread, of course, looks more like twine. i catch glimpses of an alien landscape, and the alien landscape looks like me. also recommended: howling dogs, an earlier work.”

Designing Freemium Titles For Hardcore Gamers (Gamasutra)
“How do you get hardcore gamers interested in your free-to-play game? What is the perfect tension between compelling gameplay and frustration? Designer Pascal Luban explores the lessons he learned since moving to freemium.”

And So Work Goes On… (Big Robot)
“…Anyway, we’ve been doing a load of things this last fortnight, including commissioning things to hunt – a hare and a pheasant – and things to be hunted by. Tom has also been working hard on world-based stuff, such as island-to-island transitions and the saving and loading of everything in the world.”

Mapping The Island’s Walkable Surfaces (The Witness)
“Unlike Jon’s previous game Braid, the asset and programming scale for The Witness is much further toward the “triple-A” side of the scale than the “indie game” side. As anyone who works on these types of projects knows, the work required to successfully pull off a game goes up dramatically when you go that direction. The Witness already has several more people working on it than Braid did at its peak, but as with any project of this size, there are still many parts of the project that need more attention than the principals can afford to give them.”

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