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Today’s Developer Links delve into more of the things that go into game development that you may not give much thought to.  Like sound design, psychology, adapting to player behavior, and evil dinosaurs in tuxedos.  Okay… maybe that last one doesn’t really fit with the other three.

When Players Make The Rules: On Memes And The Meta-Game (Gamasutra)
“An interesting thing about games is that the player always helps design them. No matter how simple or complex the game is, there is always room for our own creative input. We add new rules, new contexts, new narratives and new measures of success, and we choose which of the original characteristics of the game we want to interact with. Games are much like books in this manner, and we will often find the most interesting things about games between the lines of the author’s instructions.”

Let’s Make Chasing Aurora: #Polishing Wind (Broken Rules)
“We’ve been polishing Chasing Aurora for the last weeks. I did a few screencasts while working in the level editor, to show you guys how we work. This time you can watch me polish the wind in Ginkgo.”

The Radium Class Outcast Cruiser. First Images (
“As I’ve maybe suggested, I’m going to be adding a new race to Gratuitous Space Battles. Here are the first in-game images of the first ship from that race, which will be known as the outcasts. Click to enlarge, and please leave feedback.”

Zeboyd Weekly Art: Rex Ready? Chronosaur? Epochosaurus?? (Zeboyd Games)
“For today’s art column I had to try a new way of doing coloring. So, last week’s Dude on a Walrus piece took about 6 hours.  I really wanted to take it easier this week and try a style of coloring that takes far less time. The two following pics I did took about 2 hours each.  I focused more on lines and bright colors rather than a lot of minute details and lighting.”

Australia Puts $20m Into Game Development (Develop)
“Australia has promised $20 million to help local games developers. With success stories like Halfbrick (Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride) and Voxel Agents (Train Conductor), the government wants to capitalise on its success and establish a reputation for games development.”

Psychology And Game Design (Independent Gaming)
“Game are fascinating in that they are the most personal of the media forms, they involve getting to know your player and then gifting them. Games, like nearly every other thing that is “made” by people to be given to other people, provides a service. However while art and film merely exist to be observed, players can take an active involvement in games. Therefore a game designer has to be in touch and perceptive of how their players will be feeling at any point in the game”

RCR’s Big Update: Who, What, How? (Retro City Rampage)
“Retro City Rampage launched last month and the reception’s been amazing. It was the #1 downloadable PS Vita game for October and holds a 9.5+ customer score based on well over 1,000 ratings over the three platforms. Still, with the high praise there was room for improvement. Striving to make the best possible game, I have spent the past month making it even better based on the feedback from you, the players.”

WildStar Sound Designer Details Audio Development Process (Polygon)
“Sound designers use noises that often have nothing to do with the on-screen action — ‘it doesn’t matter what you’re hearing, it matters what you’re seeing,’ said WildStar senior sound designer Greg Meader in a developer blog yesterday.”

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