Dev Links: Getting Medieval


Among other things, today’s Developer Links include information on life in the Middle Ages, as it relates to design of a medieval-themed game.

Run (Auntie Pixelante)
“i admire the use of collage in games: the kind of structure that borrows different game vocabularies and rules as suits individual scenes. christopher whitman’s run is such a game, one which draws on a learned history of game systems to comment on a strange irony of digital games. there are some enormous human experiences – farming, for example – from which most of us have become so alienated that we only relate to it in a detached, abstracted, incentivized videogame form.”

Learning New Tricks (Eyehook Games)
“There have been a lot of requests for Cursed Loot on PC, and I’ve been taking a look at what I want to do, and how I’m going to do it. To be honest, I feel like C#/XNA is a bit of a dying technology for games these days, so I’ve decided to start focusing on C++/DirectX with the goal of eventually publishing games (and hopefully an upgraded Cursed Loot) on the Windows 8 marketplace.”

Could The Tetris Clone Ruling Mark A Bad Day For Games? (Hookshot Inc.)
“The negative effects of cloning aren’t limited to indie developers forced to watch in horror as their brightest and best ideas are ripped off by copycat opportunists. Indeed, Tetris, Alexey Pajitnov’s perfect block-clearing puzzle game has been the subject of clones for decades, with the game’s custodian, The Tetris Company determinedly fighting off those who would seek to profit from the Russian designer’s brilliance. Events took an interesting turn recently when a US District Court judge ruled that an iPhone Tetris clone called Mino is infringing on the Tetris Company’s copyright, a legal ruling which could effect clones across the board.”

Botanicula Has Been Nominated For European Games Award 2012! (Amanita Design)
“Botanicula has been nominated for European Games Award 2012 in the following categories: Best European Sound, Best European Indie Game, Best European Adventure Game, Best European Art Direction and Amanita Design has been nominated in the category the Best European Studio. You can vote for us at the EGA website.”

When Violence Meets Honor In History And Games (Gamasutra)
“Here are a few ideas how everyday life in a late medieval city might be taken as inspiration for building believable game worlds for RPGs or sandbox-style action adventures. As my main research subject was everyday violence in the middle ages, I will focus on that: the fight for fame and honor, following strict unwritten rules — and in most cases non-lethal.”

The Summer of the Gnomes (Gnome’s Lair)
“The first Bundle In A Box is over, I took a few (tiring yet wonderful) days off and now I’m joyfully returning to my dear and humble Gnome’s Lair. And do I have things piled up for you to enjoy dear and most loyal of readers! First of all there will be reviews; reviews of games I love and am taking my time with.”

Why A Key Trials Evolution Coder Went Independent (Gamasutra)
Frogmind Games is a new independent studio from a veteran games industry duo. Johannes Vuorinen and Juhana Myllys both previously worked at THQ’s ill-fated Universomo studio, and most recently at Ubisoft-owned Trials Evolution developer RedLynx. Vuorinen in particular was the mind behind the Trials Evolution level editor, which the level designers at the company used to create every single track in the game, not to mention it was the same level editor that is provided for players to create their own crazy tracks.”

Developer Releases Source of HTML5 Mobile Game, Sheds Light On Challenges (Ars Technica)
“Inspired by the buzz around HTML5, game development studio Wooga recently attempted to build a complete mobile game with standards-based Web technologies. To share the results of its year-long experiment, the company has published the game’s source code on GitHub under an open source software license.”

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