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Today’s Developer Links address the benefits of playing video games, and the detriments of certification processes.

Indie Tools: Pyxel Edit (IndieGames)
“Pixel art is handy both for the artist who wants to create something jaw-dropping and for the developer that couldn’t draw to save his or her life, but can at least try to come up with something simple and passable. Pyxel Edit on the other hand is a tool that makes the creation of pixel art, sprites and tilesets as easy as can be, and a utility that may even become my graphics tool of choice.”

HarooOOOooo: Robo-Hound Revealed! (Big Robot)
“Inevitable, eh? No robotic gentlemen would complete without a robot’s best friend, the ruthless and relentless hunting hound. This deadly beast is a fine tracker, and works hard to pin down hapless quarry as the tweedpunk peers close in for the kill…”

Game Research, And What It Means To You (Gamasutra)
“In this feature written by two researchers from the Gains Through Gaming Lab in the Department of Psychology and North Carolina State University, you’ll find ‘a selective, non-exhaustive review’ research on ‘benefits afforded to cognition by video game playing’, as well as practical thoughts on how you can research ‘the potential benefits of playing your video games.’”

More Concept Art (Star Life)
“Our artist Danilo has been busy doing some more concept art, and it’s looking great, check out these last few images!”

A Game Jam Game (Daniel’s base)
“I attended the No More Sweden game jam, and made a game called Bromancing Saga 2 in two days. Get it here! Eventually it’ll be added to Scrap Pack 3, whenever I make that.”

Thoughts On Consoles And Certification Processes (The Witness)
“Last weekend I wrote an email to Kyle Orland of Ars Technica in response to a question about an independent game’s certification troubles. That letter was quoted in this article, which was then summarized by, and is probably floating elsewhere around the internet too.”

Competitive Match (Natural Selection 2 news)
“Competitive games have been happening for over a year now, rising and falling with the beta builds. In the past, many games have been cast on NS2HD. Now that the beta is really fleshing out and approaching release, we’ve decided to start putting some games up on our official channel.”

A Fan Of The Steam Summer Sales? Yes. (Dejobaan Games)
“I’m a fan of Steam sales. Check out what I had to say about them here at the PA Report.”

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