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Today’s Developer Links include information about developing for many different platforms — including developing for the web with Native Client.  Also, the value of repetition.  Also, the value of repetition.

Describe What Developing For Each Console You’ve Developed For Is Like (Reddit)

Four Tips For Porting Your Game To The Web With Native Client (AltDevBlogADay)
“Since the official launch of Native Client in December of 2011, developers have shipped over two dozen games using this technology, and several popular games middleware products now support Native Client.  My role as a Developer Advocate at Google has allowed me to work directly with these early developers to assist with their porting efforts, and to collect feedback to help improve Native Client technology as well as Google’s larger gaming platform efforts. This article details what I have learned through the course of this work, so that you can get the benefit of my knowledge, in bite-sized form, to fast-track your porting effort.”

eioioio (Auntie Pixelante)
“but what fascinates me about david’s twine offerings are the ways he manages to play with perspective and tense – particularly because he does so in ways that traditional “parser-based” interactive fiction - the kind that tries to present the illusion that it will interact with any possible english sentence the player could construct – would not be capable of. how he does this is really obvious – and gratifying – in úrquel the black dragon (english and spanish), but more subtle in eioioio (also in english and spanish).”

Island Update, With Bonus Map (The Witness)
“It’s time for another island update: As you’ll notice, we are starting to work on that big mountain that is closest to the camera. (Finally!) This is still an early concept; it will change a lot.”

The Value Of Repetition (Gamasutra)
“Conversely, repetition in games is almost universally viewed with disdain. No marketer in his or her right mind would try to sell anyone on the promise of repetition. At face value, this makes perfect sense. What could ever be good about repetition? It’s novelty we seek — in games, consumer products, and life in general. However, there can exist valuable and intrinsically good things about repetition. The reason repetition has such a bad rap may be that the good things about it are far less salient than the bad ones. We notice repetition far more often when it is bad, compared to when it’s good.”

ToT Updates (Tale of Tales)
SPATIAL NARRATIVE is a collection of works that experiment with exploration. They let us probe game worlds with minimalist or avant garde landscapes, engage in experimental storytelling in a virtual space, and negotiate physical and social play in the ‘real world’.”

Indie Tools: Construct 2 (IndieGames)
“With so many easy to use game creation tools around, Construct 2 doesn’t sound as unique as the original Construct did some years ago. I, on the other hand, always wanted to give the thing a try ever since playing and loving the excellent Phenomenon 32; a game created using the beta version of Construct and one of the most complex freeware games I have ever had the pleasure of trying.”

Tournament Of Champions – Fight To 3 Million! (The Behemoth Development Blog)
“With all these  millions of people playing Castle Crashers… many have asked for another chance to show up other players and prove that they have the unparalleled skillz, the bestest combos, the most awesome attacks. Finally, we will yet again know: Who is the best Castle Crashers Arena Fighter in all the world?”

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