Dev Links: Stop! Hammer Slime!


In today’s Developer Links: indie game development’s place in culture, fear’s place in game development, and why not to be afraid of just letting game design happen.

Toward Independence – Indiecade 2012 (Molleindustria)
“A couple of years ago I proposed to frame the Indie game movement as part of larger trend that ranges from the punk movement from the 70s and 80s to today’s independent cultural producers, publishers and makers. From zinesters to urban farmers. I believe the indie gaming movement is yet another instance of a soft-rebellion of (mostly) skilled workers who realize to have an excess of creativity.”

World Champion Lumberjacks Play Jack Lumber Then Sing! (Owlchemy Labs)
“We sent Kate deep in the Wisconsin Northwoods, she lived in a log cabin and ate nothing but pancakes for a week as she showed Jack Lumber to world-class lumberjacks at the World Lumberjack Championships. Hilarity ensued.”

The Video Game Kickstarter Report – Week of October 26 (Zeboyd Games)
“First up, we have a new kickstarter from the creators of the Quest for Glory series. It’s called Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption and no, it’s not for the WiiU. It’s an RPG for the PC & Mac that looks like it’ll share Quest for Glory’s sense of humor. They’re up $127k and they need to reach $400k in the next 25 days.”

Steam Greenlight Tips From Successful Campaigns Not About Zombies (IndieGames)
“Developers behind three of the second round of Steam Greenlit games believe you get what you give when it comes to cultivating a successful campaign. Contrast, AirBucaneers, and Secrets of Grindea succeeded, like all other games, in spite of not having access to traffic stats or sources…  What’s the trick then? From icons and Kickstarter-inspired trailers to “Valve Super Drives” and media outreach, the developers share their observations here.”

twine ball keep rolling (Auntie Pixelante)
“a while ago i put together a list of twine games, observing that most of the authors are women, queer, trans. it’s a cool demographic – a videogame community whose authors and output look totally different than those of mainstream videogames. i talked about this at indiecade, in fact – hopefully the video will be up soon.”

Fear… (Independent Gaming)
“Now onto the main question, what is fear, and how can we control it? Why is it that Slender is terrifying, and Tellytubbies are not? What is preventing us from jumping out of our seats at the sight of a giant yellow baby in the sky laughing demoniacally while four machine-people hybrids dance in a plastic biosphere, and have conversations with their vacuum cleaner? And why the fuck is a tall skinny man with no muscle and a sock pulled over his face horrific? Well, too do that we need to dig down to the root (AGH!) of fear.”

Video: Stop Sweating The Details And Let Game Design ‘Happen’ (Gamasutra)
“For most people, the distinction between a game and a toy is that games rely on a defined set of rules. They dictate how players should experience a game and give structure to a designer’s creation. But for indie developer and Santa Ragione co-founder Pietro Righi Riva (Fotonica), rules aren’t everything. At this year’s GDC Europe, he argued that truly great games aren’t defined by their rules, but emerge naturally if designers give players the freedom to experiment on their own.”

Play Our HTML5 Games On Your Xbox 360 (Lost Decade Games)
“A recent update to the Xbox 360 dashboard made Internet Explorer available as a free download. This is exciting news for an HTML5 game company like us, as it means that our games are now playable on Xbox 360 consoles.”

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